Intensive Care

“Well, if you could do it properly we wouldn’t be having this conversation, asshole!” Catherine yelled and slammed the phone on the table. She was fuming. It wasn’t often that she lost her composure, after all, she was the rising star in the microbiology lab at the Saint John Hospital. She was the department’s darling and got along very well with patients and colleagues alike. However, the crumbling relationship and work-related stress were taking their toll on her. The constant fighting and most importantly, the abysmal sex was driving her to the edge of her sanity. In her diary, she would refer to herself as an otter, because getting properly laid was such a big part of her drive to thrive and succeed. She buried her face in her hands when her assistant, Jody, walked through the door holding two cups of coffee.

“Are you okay sweetie?” the blond girl asked while passing one of the cups of coffee to Catherine. She was a cute looking 29-year-old, a year older than Catherine.

“I’m freaking mad at Xandar, Jody”, she sighed and sipped the coffee while playing with a lock of her long raven hair. It fell down her shoulders and gently rested on her ample chest, whose cleavage peeked from behind her low-cut t-shirt and lab coat.

“Really? What did the bastard do now?”

“We fought again…”

“Another one, what for?” Jody asked and sat opposite her, clutching her hand. Catherine blushed.

“I, he-“ she stuttered, too embarrassed to admit the real reason for her frustration, “he was a being a jerk!”

“Oh I’m going to kill him one day for treating your badly, that rat bastard,” she replied clenching her hand, “Do you need anything?”

“I need a good fuck and a better boyfriend!” she thought but, “Thank you for the kind words, I’ll go refresh myself in the bathroom,” she said and stood up. Jody was still holding her hand looking at her with glassy eyes.

“You know I’m here for you if you need me for anything, right?” she said with a trembling voice. Catherine was taken aback for a moment at how emotional Jody suddenly became.

“Oh Jody, I’ll be all right, don’t worry so much about it – your support always means a lot to me,” she said and kissed the blond on the cheek. Jody promptly blushed and fluttered her eyelashes with an awkward smile on her face.

“I want you so, so badly Cathy”,she thought to herself as she watched the hourglass figure of Catherine leaving the room. When the door closed she sighed heavily.

“She is wasting her beauty on those asshole men, not even noticing how much I love her.”

Then, suddenly, an idea sprang in her mind. She smiled and slowly followed Catherine, humming to herself.

“I’m gonna fucking kill that bastard, he is probably fucking some whore and not giving his best to me!” she yelled at the mirror. A beautiful woman in her late twenties looked back at her with an angry expression. She had ample buxom which she liked to show off. Her green eyes sparkled with unbridled anger as four distinct creases formed on her forehead. She splashed her face a few times, letting the water cool off her frustration, but to no avail. She was angry, upset, and unhappy. She wiped her face and felt a strong urge to let herself go. Immediately, she went to the nearest stall, lift her skirt, took off her sexy blue lace thong, the one she wanted to surprise Xandar with after work, and sat on the toilet shell. Feeling the pressure trickle away from her groin, she let a soft sigh of relief. Done with her business, she pulled two pieces of toilet paper and began wiping herself. Suddenly, she felt a hot rush of excitement as the paper softly caressed her lower lips. It was a flood of emotions electrifying her entire body – a wave of unmet sexual needs and bottled-up sexual excitement, empowered by the anger and frustration, making her body tense. A soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips when she pressed her fingers on her little pleasure bud.

“Ah, what am I doing?” she asked herself in the empty toilet while her fingers traced across her rapidly moistening vulva, caressing all of her pleasure spots, “Xandar, it’s all your fault that I’m jilling off at work, you bastard”, she said and closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure she was giving herself.

Before long, she had her legs spread across the shell, with 1 hand furiously rubbing her clit, while finger-fucking herself with the other. The wet sounds echoed throughout the toilet, but Catherine was too far gone in getting herself off. She was moaning and quivering, waves upon waves of pleasure bathing her sex-starved, incredibly horny mind. Her fingers were drenched in her love juices and her face was flushed as she relentlessly stimulated herself like a bitch in heat.

Jody smiled lasciviously. The sounds of Cathy’s finger-fucking were a symphony to her ears, and her hand inadvertently wandered inside her leggings.

“Ah, you limp-dick, you never get me off…” Cathy moaned from inside the stall, lost inside her angry sex fantasies, while inside her panties, Jody and furiously rubbed her swollen clit with a girlish giggle. As Catherine’s gasps became more erratic, Jody felt a sudden rush of pleasure, a sudden orgasm electrifying every cell in her body. She tried to contain her moan but a small yelp escaped her lips. Catherine was too lost in her own thing to notice it.

“Aah, that was awesome, I’ve never come  so fast and so hard”, she thought and started walking toward Cathy’s stall with a wide grin, licking her lips and pearly teeth with a sinister, horny look in her dark-amber eyes.

“Ah, ah, ah, yes, God,” Catherine moaned like a teenager in heat, completely absorbed in the images of a tall, strong, and smart guy roughing her up like a common streetwalker.

“Do you like it, slut? Tell me how much you love me plowing your wet, horny pussy! Look at you, all flushed, ready to cum your brains out…” the voice inside her head goaded her, electrifying her soul. Her fingers slid in and out of her sopping, engorged vulva with great vigor, inviting the fast approaching orgasm to hit her like a train. She spread her legs as much as the stall allowed and let her fingers take her to town. Finally, she came so hard, her pussy exploded in a gush of girl-cum spraying like a mini-geyser all over the stall. A few drops landed on Jody’s who had taken her phone out and was already filming the spectacle.

“Woah Cathy, you are so amazing!” Jody exclaimed and greedily licking the girl-cum off her face.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Jo?” Cathy asked, her gaze still hazy from the orgasm still rocking her body. She was still convulsing and shaking when she pulled up her panties and tried to straighten up. Her legs were so weak; she fell into Jody’s waiting embrace.

“You are so beautiful right now,” Jody softly whispered in her ear and gave her a loving peck on the cheek, “come by my place this weekend. I will take you places your useless boyfriend couldn’t even dream about!”

“I-uh, I gotta go,” Jody stuttered, burning with shame. Her face was positively flushed with the afterglow. She quickly washed her hands and left the toilet with her head down without saying a word.

“I’ll be expecting you on Saturday, Catherine” Jody said with a lascivious grin and playfully twirled her hair while biting her lower lip.

The rest of the week passed slowly, with lots of awkward silence in the office. Cathy was stoic and professional while Jody continuously tried to engage with her, both physically and verbally. But Cathy rebuffed her up until Thursday night when after a long and drawn-out fight, she broke up with Xandar. The bastard was in fact fucking his slut coworker regularly –  she found the after-fuck selfies while playing around with his phone. On Friday, she barely gathered the strength to go to work. She was despondent, depressed, and alone. The feeling of betrayal hung heavy on her soul. As soon as she entered the lab, Jody’s sparking smile was waiting for her.

“Hey gorgeous, what’s going on?” she asked noticing the sullen expression on Cathy’s face.

“I broke up with Xandar last night.”

“Oh, how so?”

“The nasty shithead was fucking that bitch Anna from accounting for more than 2 months now. I saw the after-fuck selfies on his phone. It was disgusting”, she finished, her voice trembling with fury and shame.

“Woah, that’s harsh Cate… I’m so sorry,” Jody replied and hugged her. The warmth of the embrace spread through Catherine and she sighed. Feeling the texture of her breasts softly rubbing against her own, awakened an unknown sensation in her and she tightened the embrace.

“Thank you Jody for being here for me…”

“Oh don’t worry darling, you deserve so much better than that spaghetti dick asshole…

She felt so vulnerable and undeserving of Jody’s kindness, the tears began streaming down her face unabated.

“There, there, Cat – I’m here for you… I’ll always be here for you”, Jody whispered, her voice drowned out by Catherine’s relentless sobbing. A few minutes later Cathy gathered herself and the workday proceeded as normal. There were no further discussions on the matter, even though Jody was burning with curiosity and desire for Catherine. On the other hand, Cathy felt that strange warm sensation from the intensely intimate hug. She never felt it when Xandar was hugging her. The time passed, and the workweek was finally over. The ladies got ready to get out of the office. At the exit, Jody caught Catherine by the arm and pulled her towards her.

“I’ll be waiting for you tonight at my place, love,” she said with an enticing, sensual voice and kissed her softly on the lips. Before Catherine could react, Jody was already out of the door. The kiss intensified the mystical sensation even more. She straightened herself and went home.

Catherine exited the taxi in front of Jody’s door dressed in a black leather miniskirt, a revealing low cut red top, and a pair of knee-high black boots. She could feel the driver’s eyes on her for the entire ride. It was so hot. Yet, the insecurities kicked in at the moment her finger touched the doorbell.

“What the fuck am I doing? She calls me to her place and I run like an obedient little child? I must be crazy!” the racing thoughts threatened to overwhelm her.

‘Well, here goes nothing…’ she said softly and rang.

“Coming…” Jody’s voice echoed from behind the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and Jody appeared with a glass of wine in her hand. She wore a very sexy tight white t-shirt and a pair of low-rise, cutoff daisy dukes.

“Hello stranger,” Jody greeted her with a knowing grin and took a small sip from her glass.

“Hey Jo,” Catherine replied with a slight tremor in her voice. A moment of awkward silence followed as the girls thoroughly checked it each other out. The thirst in Jody’s eyes was palpable.

“Well, come on in and make yourself at home,” Jody broke the silence and went in for a hug. The warmth of Jody’s embrace felt oddly comforting. The racing thoughts and anxieties slowly disappeared. They went inside the cute little apartment. The living room had a comfortable sofa with a coffee table, some odd decorations, and a big-screen TV on which a Netflix comedy special was running. Catherine left her purse on the side of the sofa. A glass of red wine was already waiting for her on the table, with some snacks alongside it.

“You really worked on this, Jo,” Cathy smiled and raised her glass.

“I always take care of my girl when she is down,” Jo replied and cheered. Cathy down the glass in one go.

“Ah, I needed that,” and poured herself another.

“Easy there, boss, you’ll get drunk, haha. Then I’ll have to go all naughty on you,” Jody joked awkwardly. Cathy gave her a flat look. ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it slipped,’ she quickly added in acquiescence.

‘Yeah, things have been rough these days… with the deadlines fast approaching, plus this shit show with Xandar, it’s getting harder by the day.’

‘Tell me about it, no need to keep stressing yourself.  That’s what lab assistants are for’ Jody said and gently put her hand on Cathy’s.

“I thought we had something special, yet it turns out that he was a lying, cheating bastard from the get-go,” Cathy said and her voice trailed off. The dam keeping the emotions at bay began cracking. 

“Oh sweetie, that stinks. But I told you I didn’t like the guy even when he visited the lab. He had that creepy look. I felt my skin crawl.’

“Yeah, it seems like I always find the wrong douche to entangle with…” Catherine scoffed.

“Well, let’s get comfortable and enjoy the evening,” Jody proposed, pouring another glass.

“Before we go any further, I want you to delete that video you took of me at the stall… it makes me feel violated,” Cathy said with a serious look. Jody put her glass down and hugged her tightly. Their breasts softly pressed against each other, which excited Cathy despite her best efforts.

“I’m so very sorry Cathy, I never meant to hurt you. I got lost in the moment…”

Then, she pulled out her phone and deleted the video. Catherine let a sigh of relief and relaxed visibly.

“Thank you, Jody,” she said and smiled.

“Don’t mention it,” Jody replied, not mentioning the fact that she used that video to furiously flick her bean to sleep, every night since. Soon after, they were engrossed in the show, even though Jody spent more time checking Catherine out than watching the show. For the next 30 minutes, they watched, talked, and laughed. Jody was inching her way closer and closer and Cathy didn’t seem to mind.

“You know… I have something to confess,” Jody started while snuggling up to Cathy.

“Hmm,” Cathy answered absentmindedly while watching the show. Jody looked at her and gently caressed her forearm.

“I have been fantasizing about you all week…”

 Cathy almost spilled her whine.

“Fantasizing about me?”

“Yes… I’ve been yearning to kiss you all day…”

Cathy paused for a moment and looked Jody straight in the eyes, the warmth of Jody’s body awakening her own curious desire to touch and be touched.

“Did you fantasize about it, too?” Cathy asked and caressed Jody’s cheek, moving her blonde locks to the side. Jody snuggled to it a bit, then took that same hand and guided between her legs. Her crotch was on fire. A sly smile appeared on Cathy’s lips.

“Oh, you sweet thing. You horny, horny girl,” Catherine said and went in for the kiss. Their lips met in a blaze of passion. Jody let herself be guided by the passion of the kiss and they kissed until they ran out of breath.

“That was the most amazing kiss, ever,” Cathy said passionately and licked her lips. Jody had a devilish grin and she slowly went to her knees, moving the coffee table to the side.

“Let me show you what a girl can do,” Jody said and began caressing and kissing her knees. Cathy bit her lip and slowly spread her legs as Jody’s tongue went up her right thigh. The slithering, wet sensation sent shivers up her spine, making her sigh in pleasure.

“Yes please,” she said in a high pitched voice while Jody was teasing her. To Jody, it was a dream come true and love her boss in the way she always wanted. She slowly worked up and pulled Cathy’s skirt up, revealing a pair of sexy black panties. The pheromones in the air were intoxicating, and Jody felt herself getting wet as well.

“Hehe, you totally put these on with the idea of showing them to me, admit it,” Jody said jovially with a mischievous smile and licked her lips. Cathy blushed and didn’t answer. Instead, she put her hand on her cheek and gave her a knowing smile.

“Oh, I love it when you get embarrassed, hihi,” she laughed and took the panties down with a single, skillful move. Cathy’s love aroma wafted through the room and Jody filled her lungs with it. Beneath the panties, the engorged, pink vulva was already glistening – enticing her to caress it, kiss it, love it. It was freshly shaven and ready for her. In the next moment her lips were making out with Cathy’s wet snatch, her tongue parting her lips with sensual slowness and amazing skill.

“Oh God,” Catherine moaned at the sudden rush of pleasure of the soft, warm, girly tongue which poked and prodded her most sensitive spots. Jody looked her in the eye, enjoying Cathy’s rapturous expression of utmost delight. She used her fingers to spread Catherine’s labia and dug deep with her tongue, massaging the inner part of her clitoris. Cathy was in ecstasy – no man has licked her pussy with this much finesse and care in her life. She let herself be guided on the waves of pleasure Jody was splashing her with.

“Do you like it?” Jody asked when she pulled her tongue out to take a breath.

“Oh God yes, I never imagined you’d hit all the right spots!”

“Then sit back and relax, I’m going to take you places,” Jody answered and adjusted Cathy’s already spread legs. She, in the meantime, took her t-shirt off and played with her nipples while Jody was licking her dripping vulva.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Cathy moaned with each flick of the tongue off her clit. Lewd, slurping sounds echoed through the room. Catherine felt the familiar pressure of an approaching climax building inside her and she felt her body involuntarily tense at Jody’s expert ministrations. Each touch was filled with a flaming passion, threatening to consume them both in a blaze of ecstasy. Seeing that she was already approaching the edge, Jody inserted her middle and ring finger and began furiously finger-fucking the horny boss. The fingers slid inside her like a glove and she began stimulating Cathy’s g-spot.

“Oh fuck, oh my G-od, W-haaaahh…” Cathy moaned helplessly at Jody’s relentless fingering. 20 seconds of pumping later she felt her entire body clench and her vision going blank.

“Don’t fight it, cum for me Catherine Gray!” Jody exclaimed and increased her pumping pace. She smiled as the moaning mess that was Catherine gyrating her hips into her fingers. She was ready to cum her brains out. Then, it happened. Cathy’s eyes rolled back inside her skull and her pussy gushed like a hose. 3 huge spurts of girl-cum bathed Jody’s face and clothes, making quite the mess in the room.

“Hahaha, you go girl!” she laughed, fingering Cathy through her entire orgasm. The sounds coming out of Catherine’s mouth were a jumble of incomprehensive gibberish, and at the end of it she just shrieked in pure, unadulterated pleasure.

When she finally came to, Cathy was panting for breath. Her body felt like it was electrocuted. Every inch of her skin felt electric and very, very sensitive. She opened her eyes and saw Jody’s wet face looking at her and licking her lips.

“You made quite the mess,” Jody said softly, stood up and kissed her. Cathy smelled her own love juice and returned the kiss.

“I did, didn’t I?” she asked rhetorically and laughed. She basked in her afterglow for a few minutes when she took Jody by the hand and said:

“It’s your turn now, Jo,” and guided her in the bedroom. When they got there Jody pulled down her daisy dukes and socks, and laid on her back, inviting Cathy with a suggestive glance. Catherine kissed Jody and worked her way down her perky breasts and rock hard nipples. Soft yelps escaped Jody’s mouth as she enjoyed the attention. Catherine was as thorough in her lovemaking, as in her work. She didn’t leave a single inch of Jody’s body unattended.

“Your tongue feels so good Boss,” Jody sighed between moans, fully giving herself to Cathy’s thorough licking. Cathy didn’t reply, just followed the signs of Jody’s body and pressed her buttons, one at a time. It drove Jody insane. A few minutes later, the blond stopped Cathy and moved away. Cathy looked at her with concern.

“What’s the problem honey?” Cathy asked, a bit anxious at Jody’s sudden withdrawal.

Jody smiled and kissed her.

“Because I want you to fuck me like the little slut I am.”

“Oh, what do you have in mind?” Cathy asked, curious.

Jody went to the nightstand opened the second drawer and pulled a 7inch strap-on. Cathy’s eyes lit at the sight. She always wanted to try strap-on-fucking Xandar but he never let her.

“Put this on,” Jody said and set presented her perky backside in a doggy position. Catherine put the strap on and applied copious amounts of lubricant until the sex toy was positively glistening in the bedroom light.

“Here I cum,’ she said and slowly slid the shaft inside Jody’s waiting pussy. Slowly, Catherine picked up the pace and soon, the wet, slapping noises engulfed the roam. Jody’s moans were melodic, in sync with the penetration of the big shaft. At one point, Cathy pulled Jody’s hair and leaned in.

“Do you like this, you little minx? Getting fucked from behind by your boss?”

“Oh, yes… please fuck me, boss, please,” she moaned and trembled as she felt the orgasm building up. They kissed and moaned and fucked for the next few minutes. Jody came twice with a girlish shriek, but Cathy was entranced by the sudden change of roles. She discovered that she liked fucking someone else, just as much as she wanted to be fucked herself.

“I-I need a break, I can’t cum anymore,” Jody cried in pain and ecstasy. Cathy stopped pumping and collapsed next to her. They kissed and petted for a good 10 minutes when Cathy popped the question:

“Jo, are you in for something… more extreme?”

“What do you have in mind?” Jody asked while softly kissing her side-boob.

“It really turns me on if I choke you while we fuck…”

Jody craned her head in excitement. Getting choked by her sex fantasy? Could this day even get better?

“Come here you monster,” she said and pulled Catherine on top of her before kissing her, “give me all you got!”

They positioned themselves into missionary and Cathy began pumping as soon as her strap-on was inside Jody. Jody had her hands on Cathy’s face and smiled, showing her rows of pearly teeth. Cathy lowered herself so that their breasts were touching each other while continuously fucking the horny blond. Then, slowly but surely, her hand wrapped around Jody’s slender neck and she proceeded to squeeze ever so gently.

Jody looked Cathy directly in the eyes, letting herself experience all stimuli to their fullest. Cathy’s hand felt like a vice strangling her, little by little. Soon, her airflow was cut and she struggled for breath. At this, point the sex became tens of times more intense and she felt her body tremble and convulse uncontrollably.

“I’m gonna cum,” her lips said but no sound came out. Cathy grinned and began pumping even harder, sending the poor assistant over the edge. Jody’s vision began to fade to black when the orgasm hit and the vice around her neck let go. She came with a gasp so loud that it might have disturbed the neighbors.

Cathy also came from the rubbing of the strap-on against her clit and she tightly hugged Jody, collapsing on top of her. They were soaked in sweat and love juice, panting like bitches in heat. No words were said, as no words were needed. Their bodies knew perfectly well the magnitude of pleasure they went through. Jody was in heaven. She hasn’t even dreamed about what kind of a sexual deviant her boss really was. Beneath the mask of prudence, a mad sex freak lurked.

“Wow, that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had,” Cathy said and lit a cigarette. The smell of smoke and sex intermingled. Jody looked at her and smiled, taking the cigarette from her hand.

“You are a freak, boss. I don’t want this moment to end.”

Cathy turned to her and gave her a deep long kiss.

“It doesn’t have to. We can lock the door in the lab tomorrow,” Cathy said with a devilish grin.

They both laughed, had a shower, and went to sleep. It was the best sleep they’ve got in ages.

The next morning, they arrived at the institute together. As soon as they locked the lab door, they embraced and began tearing each other’s clothes in a love frenzy…

The Red Ribbon

The vibrant colors stained the empty canvas guided by the stern and rigid brushstrokes from Anne Ling’s graceful hand. The frown on her face echoed the frustration at her latest work. She was so close to finally producing the perfect painting for the Annual Art Contest. The previous pieces she had done throughout the year hung silently on the walls of her atelier, which was located in the most expensive and popular part of the Main Street in the city of Oatsbury. She was a state-renowned artist with a year’s long backlog of commissions to finish, yet this piece was more import. It was supposed to be the Magnum Opus of her 25 years long career. As a woman of 45 years, she was still considered attractive by many men, and she caught men 15 years her junior checking her out with a glint in their eyes. Interestingly enough, her aloof demeanor and absolute dedication to her work left little room for men – especially after Ferdinand left her, taking their daughter with him, some 9 years ago. Continue reading

The Mindtouch

Jay’s obsidian eyes stared judgingly at the gray scenery beyond the window. The street was oversaturated with blinking lights and other Christmas decorations. The mood outside was generally festive but there was an indescribable coldness in the air that chilled her core. The coldness without reflected the listlessness within. Her pale visage looked like it has been cut in marble, aloof and uncaring, yet radiating with the beauty of the artisan’s masterful craftsmanship. To the unsuspecting eye, she could be mistaken for a statue bar her calculating, piercing glare and vibrant long black hair which fell softly down her shoulders and covered the most of her pale, naked breasts.  Her breath misted the window through which she was watching the passing of people, each and every one of them drowning in their own loneliness, unwilling to reach out beyond the established routine. It was in part of their coldness that Jay’s heart grew cold itself, and she felt herself withdrawing, becoming one of them – the soulless ones, the simple ones. The spark of liveliness dwindling with each passing moment. The number 30 was crudely smeared on the glass and with each breath, its texture became more distinct.  Her obsidian eyes narrowed.

Continue reading

The shadows that dwell in the Abyss

This road is silent and lonely. It begins long before you have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil… The seed of corruption takes root before you even have the chance to defend yourself. Then, you’re ostracized, invisible – dwelling in misery where the lightest colors are just mere shades of gray. And feel it too. There’s something profoundly different. And you are taught about love and happiness, sincerity and humility – yet you are ridiculed as weak, weird and wrong. You can feel their drilling looks on the back of your neck, oozing venom. And then, you decide to walk the whole nine yards. Just do away with everything that makes you human, and embark on a murderous rampage in the valley of the shadow of death. The final plunge into the abyss where’s no return therefrom.

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When all is said and done

When all is said and done, listlessness remains. It is the hell of dispassion, in a very real form. It offers that heavy peace, the peace of the graveyard – no beasts, no passion, no fury.

We were lied to. Be honest, be beneficent. Such treachery of the soul. It’s not the beneficence that makes this rotten world turn around. It’s our unadulterated malice and capacity for destruction. 

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Nuclear Holocaust

“Doubt besets us, William. What will we feel in our hearts when the atomic light burns the retinas in their eyes and makes their skin blister? Will we empathize with their suffering or derive a morbid schadenfreudesque pleasure from their suffering?”
“I don’t care much at all, Siegfried. All I want is to see new starbirths in our sky and their awesome destructive power unleashed upon humanity!”
“I don’t know. I do hate the loss of human life, but the curiosity inside stirs my spirit in twisted expectation of the wanton wholesale slaughter, Will.”
“Let them burn. Let it all be consigned to the pyre of human folly!”

Memento Mori

“We were caught unawares – nevermore, never again. To show mercy to the Janub is to profane humanity.” – General Torgald, before the slaughter at Yirnam

What is it to die? Does some immortal part of us pass through the invisible veil of this material realm, to the great unknown – or is it just a simple cutting of the thread, an end of a story, a flat-line? What is it to commit suicide then, to consciously end the state of being of oneself?

The thoughts rushed through Bartholomew’s mind like a hurricane. Semi-coherent, unformed things that slashed at his psyche like razorblades. A tall, slender man of pale complexion, he sat on the unkempt bed of his one-room apartment staring at the small glass table with an empty glare. His eyes were light brown, but the spark of life in them was not present. If someone were to look at his expression of utter resignation illumined by streetlamps, would cause them a great discomfort. Clothed with simple jeans and a t-shirt, his ash-blonde hair disheveled, the sharp lines of his visage adorned by a several-day stubble, he resembled a grotesque statue of once-a-man. A man, who in all essential sense, was no more. An empty husk, devoid of that untouchable, immaterial thing which makes one human.

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Vivid Nightmares

Dreamer oh dreamer, you –
who are paralyzed in terror by the conjurings of your mind –
whose mind’s eye sees the blood yet to be spilled –
the cries yet to be heard –
the suffering yet to be felt –
Embrace the whole that is you –
Blinding light of the Angel –
The fire and fury of the Beast –
They are you, you are them

You are just a fleeting existence,

A daemon who stirred the ocean of unlife,
Cursed to see the truths beyond the veil,
Cursed to sample the suffering yet to come,
Dwelling in the cracks between shadows,
A soulless tool, witness it,
witness it all,
For you can bear this burden,
So others won’t have to,

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk from Pexels

My journey in Children of Dune

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of the best literary pieces I’ve ever had the fortune to set my eyes upon. The completeness of the desolation within, combined with the verdant nature without makes for a delightful combination of contradictory emotions. It was as if I’ve suffered alongside each and every character.

The book oozes Frank’s innermost misery over (in my eyes) his wife’s travails with battling cancer, especially through the arc of Saint Aliyah. It is astonishing and it moved me in a very profound way.

I loved reading it and I highly recommend it!

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Photo by Vittorio Staffolani from Pexels

Palm Sunday

What happens when the one you love is blown to kingdom come? What does it do to the soul of the one who had suffered such loss? Does he hoist the black flag and start slitting throats in righteous vengeance?

When will this madness end? With the utter annihilation of the other?

With each passing day, I wonder.

May the innocent rest in peace.

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels