The Mindtouch

Jay’s obsidian eyes stared judgingly at the gray scenery beyond the window. The street was oversaturated with blinking lights and other Christmas decorations. The mood outside was generally festive but there was an indescribable coldness in the air that chilled her core. The coldness without reflected the listlessness within. Her pale visage looked like it has been cut in marble, aloof and uncaring, yet radiating with the beauty of the artisan’s masterful craftsmanship. To the unsuspecting eye, she could be mistaken for a statue bar her calculating, piercing glare and vibrant long black hair which fell softly down her shoulders and covered the most of her pale, naked breasts.  Her breath misted the window through which she was watching the passing of people, each and every one of them drowning in their own loneliness, unwilling to reach out beyond the established routine. It was in part of their coldness that Jay’s heart grew cold itself, and she felt herself withdrawing, becoming one of them – the soulless ones, the simple ones. The spark of liveliness dwindling with each passing moment. The number 30 was crudely smeared on the glass and with each breath, its texture became more distinct.  Her obsidian eyes narrowed.

It was for the 30th time in her life she has lived this day. Her day. A birthday. It marked a turning point in her life. A point of no return – an end of an era. It gnawed at her consciousness like a venomous serpent slithering through her thoughts- biting her, reminding her with a wordless judgment. She used to feel happier in the past when this day came, but today it only left a salty, slightly bitter taste on her tongue. The room around her was cozy with the fire crackling softly in the fireplace. She turned from the window and went in front the big closet mirror with a hint of frustration on her otherwise emotionless visage. With a deft hand, she tied her long black hair in a long ponytail, fully exposing her naked form to the mirror. A form many of her peers coveted, they yearned to channel their impure lusts between her firm thighs. Her obsidian eyes stared back at her reflection, betraying no emotion as her hands traced across her bare breasts and belly. Her nipples were engorged and erect, eager in the anticipation of what awaited her in the other room. The skin on her arms was the canvas upon which her mind poured its own madness in the form of tattoos that defied reason, yet was fully integrated with one-another. As her fingers traced upon the texture of each of the tattoos, old memories flashed inside her mind, unbidden which made her wince for an instant. Her hands continued tracing across her flat, toned belly and reached for the single patch of groomed black pubic hair on the otherwise unmarked, unblemished fair skin. Her finger instinctively touched the soft folds of her pink pussy and she let a slight exhalation escape her lips as her fingers firmly caressed the sensitive, engorged tissues. It was one of the rare things that roused her spirit from the gray, despondent, unbearable emotional flat-line. She played with herself in front of the mirror for a few seconds more before she turned and went to the bed which was on her left with a bunch of clothes laid neatly folded on it.

It was her 30th birthday and even the act of self-love did little to alleviate that sense of profound emptiness and inadequacy in the current format of societal interactions. Her perfect figure and sex appeal turned the eyes of many men and women alike but none of them even bothered to look beyond the physical desire for mating. That shallowness frustrated Jay and each year that frustration only grew in vehemence. It was like a churning underground water that eroded the core of her being but on this day, she received the empath. That one person who acknowledged her physical perfection and bore inside her mind like a curious child, searching to uncover what went on beneath that veneer of exotic beauty. Jay bent over and picked up the navy blue cheeky panties. The soft fabric and intriguing design adhered to her loins perfectly, accentuating her butt in a subtle yet sexy way. Next, she put on the simple peach bra which blended nicely with the tone of her skin and perked up her breasts slightly. Her favorite pair of dark G-star jeans covered the fair smoothness of her legs and she pulled them firmly so her butt fit perfectly inside while the unadorned white cotton T-shirt covered her torso in a snug embrace. Lastly, she picked up her glasses from the nightstand and put them on before she glanced at the mirror again. Casual, almost prudish looking dame looked back at her. Someone who would surely spend most of her time in libraries and bookstores rather than a place she was heading for. On the nightstand, the cat o’ nine tails waited for her firm grip. For a moment, a shadow of a smile creased her lips before she walked out of the room with it firmly gripped in her delicate hand.

From the moment she entered the room in which he waited for her, Jay felt the pressure of the empath’s mind behind her eyes, prodding inside her skull. He was a tall, slender man with short ash-blonde hair and long-cheeked face. His hands were bound above his head to the frame of the bed with a pair of handcuffs. He turned a knowing glance at her and a shadow of a smirk passed over his lips. His eyes glistened with anticipation and Jay felt the invisible tendrils of his mind probing inside hers, searching, yearning, whispering – hollow formless words. The empath laid on his back wearing nothing but a pair of tight gray boxers which showed a slight bulge. His body was unremarkably average, giving off a vibe of a cloistered nerd with that pair thick glasses sitting on his nose. She approached him slowly. There was certain elegance, a kind of feline grace, like a tigress eyeing her prey. The empath just stared at her with expectancy in his eyes and instinctively licked his lips.

“I can see the desire for my flesh in your eyes, creature,” the sneering thought echoed inside her head as she watched him with a predatory glare. The empath breathed in deeply and fixed his gaze to hers, lips grinning. Jay felt a sudden rush of emotions which were not hers, alongside a lancing sensation behind her eyes. Her head throbbed as the empath spoke with soundless words.

“So damn fitting, Birthday Girl” his thought-voice responded inside her mind filled with amped excitement and yearning for her flesh but probing ever deeper inside her mind with a gentle mind-touch. Her face remained perfectly still, showing not even a hint of emotion even though she felt his tendrils lashing against that ice-cold barrier around the core of her being. His mind touch lashed at it with the vigorousness of someone with an eternal thirst for knowledge. Jay slowly raised her whip and lashed at him with scolding in her eyes. The air popped and 9 livid welts appeared on the empath’s torso where the cat o’ nine tails kissed his skin. The man produced a shuddering grunt and Jay felt the echo of pain and pleasure as keenly as if she was lashed herself. Her eyes narrowed.

“Horndog,” she said softly with her girlish, innocent voice before she lashed the man two more times. Twice more she felt the same echo and the familiar throbbing in her loins. Each spike of sensation enhanced his psychic lashings of her mind like a hurricane. The pressure inside her mind was becoming intolerable. Yet the empath only grunted in ecstasy, his mind momentarily lost in the pleasure born of pain. His arms were covered in crisscrossing scars, his own madness spilled upon the canvas of his skin, not unlike hers. They intrigued her – the stories behind them, were they connected to certain memories? Then she turned her eyes to the livid marks her whip has left.

“Do you like it, Jay,” the empath asked between shuddering breaths. His voice was calm, measured and devoid of emotion, “your work of art on my skin – your touch is quite sublime,” he added with a sardonic tone.

“You are a sick, sick man, Horndog,” she replied and traced her fingers across the welts with a delicate touch, “how do you do it – project your own emotions on me,” she asked as her hand caressed his belly and wandered down to his thighs while looking him straight in the eye.

“Oh Jay, does a mirror possess emotions,” the empath replied cryptically while enjoying her incessant caresses. She fixed him with a knowing look as her hand wandered beneath the fabric of the simple boxers. Jay watched his reactions to her ministrations and leaned over, her lips almost touching his ear.

“Is that what you are Horndog? A mirror that reflects what I project onto others,” she asked coyly with a lopsided grin while she pulled down the empath’s boxers, his half-erect cock in her hand, “because from where I’m standing you are just a creature of base desires.’ The empath closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the sensation a moment longer before he glanced back at her.

“I am only at your service, Birthday Girl,” he replied between labored breaths with a voice devoid of emotion, “though I admit that your southern, exotic touch does make my flesh scream and I wish to know more of it.” A moment later the pressure inside skull lessened, the tendrils of mind-touch withdrawing away from her, leaving her flooded with a sensation of control and release, almost as if they tore open something inside her mind. Jay closed her eyes and stood up to her full height, savoring this newfound sensation of release similar to an orgasm yet somehow different, deeper. She let go of the cat o’ nine tails and removed her glasses. The whip fell to the lacquered parquet with a dull thump. After that moment of calmness, Jay felt a firestorm building inside her, consuming her from within. The empath watched Jay with undivided attention, exulting in the echoes of emotions exuding from her.

“Do you desire me, creature,” Jay asked as removed her T-shirt and unbuttoned her pants.

“I desire a great many things Jay,” the empath replied his eyes fixed on her, observing every subtle contraction of her body as clothes fell to the floor, “but today it’s your day and it is all about what You desire – though I feel at a disadvantage,” he added with a wild grin.

“Is that so, Horndog,” she said and put her hand to her mouth in mock surprise, “aren’t these your favorite type of panties,” she said while she let her hands trace across her thighs and butt suggestively. Her movements were almost a dance meant to inflame the empath, break him and reduce him to his base wants and lusts. The firestorm was growing inside her and the undergarments began to feel so… constricting.

“My favorite panties are those which are around your ankles – and I can practically taste your breasts’ desire for freedom,” the empath said grinning, his cock twitching in anticipation. The truth of his words hit her like a hammer and she unstrapped her bra in one smooth motion. She pulled her panties down slowly, exposing her backside and pussy to the empath’s full view, feeling a similar firestorm rousing within him as well. She turned around and held her damp panties an inch above the empath’s nose. His deep inhalations of her womanly scent excited Jay. What excited her more was the sudden pulling of her panties away from him and watch him writhe in the discomfort of pleasures suddenly taken away. It was the control she had over him, willingly given that truly dispersed the grayness and coldness with cleansing fire. She hungered for it, and the empath was feeding that pang to the brim. There was not a trace of resistance, or ego, or judgment. The empath devoured everything offered to him. An idea sprang inside her mind and she climbed on the bed and put her knees next to each of the empath’s ears, presenting her engorged, damp pussy to him. The empath just smiled, gulping in lungfuls of the pheromone-laden air – waiting.

“A wonderful sight, Jay…’ he managed to say before she put a silencing finger to his lips and removed his glasses. He blinked once.

“Lick me, Horndog,” Jay demanded and positioned the pink mounds of her bottom lips just above his mouth. The empath obliged and began kissing her labia with little, gentle kisses. Each kiss sent a shiver up her spine inside her burning mind. It was then she felt the wet, slithering tongue slowly but firmly working its way from bottom up. He hummed softly and the vibrations only added to the raw physical pleasure she was experiencing. His eyes remained fixed on hers, the ministrations of his tongue changing slightly according to her reactions. Her back arched instinctively as his tongue licked the sensitive tissues around her urethra and moved upwards to massage her swollen clitoris. To her, it felt like fat wet worm slithering inside her pussy, stimulating and every hotspot with measured care aimed to produce maximum pleasure.

“This creature, he truly aims to please,” the thought echoed inside her mind between gasps. It was only then, in her addled state of plateau, she felt the gentle mind-touch inside her skull yet again, strengthened by the physical connection.

“Ah, the exotic scent of Protea,” his thought-voice echoed as his tongue gently massaged her moist hotspot, provoking pleasurable gasps and little moans, “and the salty-sweet taste of almonds… it is almost time,” Jay could feel the slyness in the tone of that deep, soundless, emotionless voice. Jay felt the muscles in her thighs and loins contracting as the pleasure signals to her brain slowly grew to a crescendo. The constant stimulation of her drooling, sensitive pussy which was somewhat outside her control brought a wave after wave of pleasure crushing against her consciousness and she felt herself drowning in the pleasure. A minute later she began grinding her pussy against his tongue, feeling the inevitable tsunami of orgasm drawing ever closer. With each electric wave of pleasure pulsing up her spine she felt something breaking inside her, the worries and anxieties of yesterday washing away to nothingness. Her hands fell on his face and she used him to steady her weakening frame. Her ecstatic moans grew louder and she closed her eyes, concentrating on remaining upright. She tried to resist it, but surfing on such a potent wave of pleasure was impossible and when it finally hit her, the orgasm made her whole frame convulse in ecstasy.

“I’m cumming,” she managed to yelp, her hands grabbing the railing of the frame of the bed – she held for dear life as the orgasmic tsunami blanked her mind completely. An ecstatic high pitched soft screech escaped her lips while she rode on the orgasmic pulses. For 15 seconds she left her mind totally exposed to the empath’s mind-touch. On the edge of her consciousness, she felt the hot juices erupting directly inside his mouth. He augmented the sensation by ceaselessly stimulating her clit during the duration of the orgasm, sending her mind ever stronger waves of pleasure. The empath stopped his tongue-massage and gently sucked her sopping pussy and clit, eagerly gulping the oozing juices. Beads of sweat formed on her flushed skin while Jay basked in the afterglow, breathing heavily.

“That was… wow,’ she said with a shaky voice and managed to get off the empath’s face which was glistening with her juices. The empath licked his lips. Before he could say anything she buried her tongue in his throat, tasting the remnants of her orgasm in his mouth and turned her gaze to his rock-hard cock. The glans was twinkling with pre-cum.

“That was exciting, you naughty harlot. I have never felt someone experience an orgasm this strong,” his thought-voice rang in her head, exuding contentedness, “I feel…”

“Shut up, Horndog,” she raised her voice in admonishment and banished his thought-speech from her mind. Her fingers traced the tender areas where the cat o’ nine tails lashed his torso, provoking grunts of pleasurable discomfort and she turned her attention to his throbbing 6-inch prick. The firestorm inside her wasn’t yet quenched and she wanted to show her appreciation to the empath who thoroughly enjoyed the inner folds of her mouth. Jay changed pace between sucking his shaft and licking his balls, his grunts of satisfaction bringing a smile on her visage. Gone was the cold, uncaring mask she wore just 20 minutes before.

“Do you like this,” she asked coyly while licking the glistening glans of his rock-hard cock.

“It feels… divine,” the empath acquiesced with a laden sigh of satisfaction, “please… don’t stop.” Jay continued with the fellatio for few more minutes while massaging the empath’s inner thighs. When she was finally satisfied with the thick coat of lubricant consisted of her saliva, she surrendered to her need to be filled and straddled him gently. Little moans escaped her lips as she started riding him slowly, letting her clit grind against his pelvis. Similarly, the empath grunted in pleasure, his eyes wandering to her bouncing breasts, his hands clenching in frustration and desire. She noticed this and giggled softly. She bent over graciously, her ponytail falling on the empath’s cheek like a caress of a scorpion’s tail. She fixed his eyes with hers, speeding up her exotic, southern, hip dance. The empath’s face was flushed, his breathing reduced to short, shallow breaths.

“Your pussy feels divine,” he said between gasps with eyes closed, mouth ajar. Jay grinned devilishly and began licking and kissing his neck and mouth, provoking moans of unadulterated pleasure from the empath. The empath tried to adjust a bit, but Jay wasn’t one to relinquish control so easily.

“Be still, Horndog,’ she whispered softly in his ear as her tongue slithered around it, “let me take care of you,” she added and kissed him. She felt his hot-rod becoming even harder inside her, the tip of his glans hitting her a-spot with each thrust. The constant stimuli fueled the firestorm inside her. Her hips moved on their own accord, her mind surrendering to the pleasure of the act. The firestorm threatened to consume her completely and it was then that she heard the empath’s rampant thoughts. It was a strange experience, but there was no resistance this time, no pressure inside her skull, only acceptance. It was as if she entered a room filled with myriad items, each of them representing a memory, sensation, desire. Her own mind-touch influenced the empath’s sensations and he welcomed its every caress. They partook in the pleasure together, experience unburdened by anything except raw, intimate closeness. Jay’s orgasm was just as intense and she could feel that the empath was closing to the edge as well.

“I… I’m going to cum soon,’ the empath exclaimed trying to control his impending orgasm. Jay stopped her vigorous riding and slid off his cock. She positioned herself in a 69 and began sucking his rock-hard cock while he licked her clit with the hunger of a starving beast. She massaged his tight balls with her right hand.

“Ah, Jayy – I’m cumming,” he exclaimed and Jay felt his hips bucking hard while spurt upon spurt of warm, sticky cum relentlessly filled her mouth. She continued to suck it up during the orgasm and swallowed every last drop of his sweet and salty seed. The empath resumed his tongue massage her clit and Jay finally orgasmed for the 3rd time that afternoon. The total physical exhaustion and emotional liberation were like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise gray world. She reached deep inside her core to search for those unwelcome emotions but all she found was the blessed afterglow of the mind-connection with another. They both basked together, their sweaty bodies slowly cooling as the last vestiges of the firestorm were reduced to embers. A few minutes later she unshackled him. The empath rubbed the raw skin on his hands.

“I’m going to clean myself up,” she said with her innocent voice and a smile on her face, stood up and headed for the bathroom, leaving the door open. The empath sat upright, taking a moment to collect his thoughts. Then, he put on the glasses with a knowing smile on his face, picked up her panties, stood up and followed her.

“Birthday Girl,” he called out to her, “I think you forgot your panties,” he added in jest as he exited the room. Her giggles were her only reply.

The day was still young and they were still very, very horny.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

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