Vivid Nightmares

Dreamer oh dreamer, you –
who are paralyzed in terror by the conjurings of your mind –
whose mind’s eye sees the blood yet to be spilled –
the cries yet to be heard –
the suffering yet to be felt –
Embrace the whole that is you –
Blinding light of the Angel –
The fire and fury of the Beast –
They are you, you are them

You are just a fleeting existence,

A daemon who stirred the ocean of unlife,
Cursed to see the truths beyond the veil,
Cursed to sample the suffering yet to come,
Dwelling in the cracks between shadows,
A soulless tool, witness it,
witness it all,
For you can bear this burden,
So others won’t have to,

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk from Pexels

The Last Moments of Jackie Grant

The noise within has grown to a rumbling roar,
Tears streak freely, Her head a complete mess,
This torture of decades she can no longer bear,
The fire in her violet eyes vanished, she has failed the test,

The icy cold talons ravage her soul with relentless disdain,
The world is forever blind to her misery and pain,
Even the one she held true to her heart,
Left her to rot at the station, when he boarded that train

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The Red Haze

In the lightless depths of the soul he lies,
The everlasting, horrible, ravenous beast,
With crimson eyes he stares at the world,
Growling impatiently for the next bloody feast,
His name, The Red Haze


 He is a slave to his insatiable hunger,
For the rich, crimson liquid, flowing through a man’s veins
Deprive him, and he lunges at you in raging anger,
He rips and shreds through the veil of reason,
Trying to escape the red maze,

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