Godless of…

To find that ultimate alone-ness in this uncaring universe… we are godless – we have always been. What questions do we ask ourselves? How do we explain this soul crushing division and loneliness? Are we forever doomed to traverse this universe in this alone-ness? What we wouldn’t give to fill this void of emotion and sensation… everything is so fleeting…

Even if some of us are doomed to walk this Earth frozen and alone… could we ever find that spark of solace in the company of another? Or are we cursed to walk and dream and die in vain?

Photo by Haydan As-soendawy from Pexels

Thorny Kiss

In the silent moments before the clock hits midnight,
I find myself sitting beneath that oak tree,
Gazing absently in the intricate dance of stars above, expecting her with glee,
The gathering storm rumbles to the west tonight,

I can sense her hunger long before she appears in my sight,
The coppery tang reaching my heightened senses, she has already indulged this night,
Bringing with it a whiff of something else, something sacred, something pure,
The fragrance of the Acolyte,

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In dark and stormy night,
Adrift in the bottomless, mighty sea,
At the sky I scream my plight,
For this terrible phantasm to leave me be


Oh woe, oh woe be unto to Him,
The mighty Life-giving Lord,
Whose bright, inspiring beam,
Shines, on my soul no more


In this churning sea of dark emotions,
He left his foolish, wayward creation,
And sent his phantasm of unyielding devotion,
To torment him in wicked jubilation

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