Siren’s Call

Like thirsty nomads my eyes wander,
across her naked form, lying on the bed,
This burning lust I must not squander,
Sinful thoughts whirling in my head,

I fall prey to her beguiling smile,
My tongue tastes the salty beads on her flushed skin,
Her soft moans are a siren’s call,
I’ve been yearning for a while.

In the honeyed cacophony of pleasure,
I let reason wane and indulge in excess,
Of sensation, emotion, and her fair flesh,
Her quivering form in my arms, a priceless treasure.

Her ecstasy-laced orgasmic shriek,
Blanks my mind and sends me over the edge,
I roll over, all spent and weak,
With a crimson kiss, she seals that immortal pledge.

Those crimson lips tread with renewed desire,
Touching my most sensitive places,
She giggles at my protestations,
My flesh is on fire,
I let my wildest expectations,
Be brought to life, as she tightens the laces,
Her beatific visage adorned with a lusty grin.

I drown in bliss.

Photo by Bobine

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