Mark of Cain

The has glass shattered in thousand pieces,
Colors bleed from this bleak world,
For the blissful wellspring his soul hungers,
That he found in those twin emerald seas.

Thousand shards part the pale canvas,
Rivers of crimson follow their tread,
A moment’s respite from the sadness,
That torments his anguished head.

The moment’s gone but the hunger and emptiness still remain,
The Emerald seas are denied to his long tortured soul,
Forever lost in the dark, loveless, bottomless hole,
The crimson rivers dry out, leaving behind the Mark of Cain.

The rugged mark is a faithful reminder,
of the torments he endured,
He beseeches the skies to help him find her,
Silence is the only answer,
The Icy Mistress, his only friend.

Photo by Feniks2010

One thought on “Mark of Cain

  1. I am seeing so many poems which I can relate to and this is certainly one!

    Esther’s Compassion

    Prodigal child Cain returns from the rock,
    Hearing his tribe’s falsehoods about resurrected Abel,
    Risen from lonely purgatory to construct a family home,
    Challenged like Job by a violent ungodly clan.

    For eighteen moons Abel suffered unholy abuse,
    Survivor of wrong speech, wrong action caused by no occupation,
    Sweet, manly Abel toiling to provide manna and honey,
    Humbly ignoring plaguing chariots of the wicked tribe.

    Under God’s glare the heathens fought for Abel’s demise,
    His obedient wife Esther wisely sought Malchezidek’s counsel,
    The wise priest recognised the injustices and advised,
    Summoned a scribe to present the case to the Elders.

    Ancients gathered in secret for many nights reflecting,
    To protect Angelic Abel a delegation was despatched,
    Erupting the volcano of sin and torment toward Abel,
    Like Sodom and Gomorrah the fallen sunk deeper in the abyss.

    Abel and Esther bore every indignity with humility,
    Waiting for divine moral law to save them,
    Reigning hell fire on the tribe turning it to ash,
    Trusting in heavenly justice but the cruel summoned Cain.
    Pure ignorance of God’s law protecting the binds of family,
    Cain once again turned against Abel walking with Satan,
    Hellish words, the Devil’s forked tongue wagged enviously,
    Fires of wrath directed to Abel and Esther’s loving compassion.

    Esther’s arms comforted Abel as the days grew dark,
    Their own tribe protecting them with Michael’s sword,
    A throng of cherubim amassed against the grim legion,
    Through faith, with hope, given charity Abel became Samson.

    The amber sun rose fiercely on a new righteous era,
    Prophets made the truth known around the Euphrates,
    Elders returned with the scribes’ dense scrolls,
    All is revealed, all is told of the devilment of Cain’s tribe.

    To exile the sinful tribe depart, losing all to the desert,
    All is known; violence, covetousness, ire and Devil’s lies,
    The Elders punish Cain’s tribe according to God’s law,
    Brimstone beats down as Abel’s halo glows.

    Esther’s love and humility in the moonlight save Abel,
    Adoration of the right and clinging onto light,
    Allowing the just to oversee the process of justice,
    Abel’s tribe thrive, Cain’s condemned to eternal shame.

    Let those who have ears hear
    Love thy neighbour is true of all creeds….
    Break the cycle of hate, destructive circles have no end!


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