The Last Moments of Jackie Grant

The noise within has grown to a rumbling roar,
Tears streak freely, Her head a complete mess,
This torture of decades she can no longer bear,
The fire in her violet eyes vanished, she has failed the test,

The icy cold talons ravage her soul with relentless disdain,
The world is forever blind to her misery and pain,
Even the one she held true to her heart,
Left her to rot at the station, when he boarded that train

On and on she fought, the Sisyphean war,
With tooth and nail and kick and soul,
But the talons crept ever deeper,
Their corrupting touch, so cold and foul

She looks from on high, seated on her throne,
The ignorance of those insignificant insects,
who just go on and on,
Blind, uncaring, empty.

She feels the rush of the gust,
Caressing her angelic face,
The dark pit rushes to greet her,
Her eyes close,
She relishes the touch of his loving embrace,
Rest is silence, forevermore.

Photo by Free-Photos

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