Amber Kiss – Pledge in the Winter Palace

In the eerie soundless night, I find myself walking the endless halls of the grandiose palace. My footsteps echo dully and their sound is soon lost resounding from the magnificent walls restored to their former glory, when Kings and Queens far greater than myself walked these corridors. I feel my heart pounding at the prospect of meeting her, in this realm where time and space hold no meaning. I enter the lavish bedroom, greeted by a cold breeze coming from the slightly open window to the north. Even though I do not see her, I can feel her presence all around me. The intoxicating aroma, never before smelled, awakens sensations never before felt. However, I know all too well that this is just her ploy to entice me, a way for her to toy with her wayward plaything. The gentle sound of an old violin reaches my ears and I lose myself in that nondescript tune on a cold winter’s night for a time. The humming follows soon afterward, that infernal calling that stirs my soul and makes me shudder. I open my eyes and there she was, standing at the threshold of the room. I brace myself for what’s to come. I wait for her to come and play her wicked game upon my weary mind and soul. Tap, tap, tap, her graceful stride echoes lightly and I feel my body betraying my will. Even though I cannot discern any physical details due to the shining light emanating from her aura, I recognize that walk and feel the icy lump in my throat choking me softly. She giggles as she approaches amused by my discomfort her blinding aura receding with each consecutive step. I feel her mind-touch as she sifts through my thoughts, pains, lusts and desires with the carelessness of a child sifting through sand. I do not resist it, since she is the undisputed ruler of this non-space.

‘It has been a while, my dearest,’ she greets me and I feel her gentle, soft hand on my cheek. ‘Why have you come to me?’

I feel my heart skip a beat or two as her form finally resolves before my eyes. The long dark brown hair gently falling on her slender, beatific figure. The long crimson bareback evening gown adhered to her figure perfectly and accentuated her curves and unearthly beauty. And I lost my ability to speak when that visage closed in on me. It was her face. My heart starts drumming madly as my mind becomes a morass of emotions. She smiles at me, noticing my confusion.

‘Oh, don’t be so shocked,’ she whispers in my ear. Her voice is honey to my ears. ‘This is just an incarnation of your innermost desire,’ she says playfully as her fingers trace across my face.

She locks her eyes with mine and I find myself unable, or unwilling, to look away. I focus all of my will to restrain myself and keep at least a semblance of sanity. But she’s fierce and does not relent, her lips nearing ever so slightly against mine. I can feel her breath on my skin and it is angelic. It stirs my passions and I feel my willpower waning, unable to endure the temptation. Still staring, she giggles and then teases me with a passion filled voice, ‘Do not resist it, my little bear. Just give in to what you desire.’

I can’t resist any longer and kiss those lips with a passion that I have denied for so long. The dark red lipstick tastes of ambrosia, the god’s ale – forbidden to mere mortals. For that briefest instant, I taste heaven and it is more pleasurable than anything I’ve ever felt before. But the punishment for my indulgence is swift and brutal. I taste the caustic taste of acid as my throat burns fiercely. The pain is extreme and unimaginable but I endure it. It is her way of testing my resolve. After a couple of minutes it stops and I find myself heaving for breath, laying on the King’s bed. Her lips turn into a wicked grin as my pain causes her delight. She looks around the bedroom and smiles knowingly.

‘The Hermitage’s Winter Palace… I love it at this time of the year,’ she says and leans in with a widening, loveless smile. ‘You’ve chosen well, so ironically fitting. The most beautiful edifice on such a cruel night. It makes for a perfect symphony.’

I do not respond as my vocal chords are burned away and my voice is stolen from me, replaced by the metallic taste of blood. I pay it little heed as the yearning inside me to experience that heavenly sensation once again eats at my reasoning. Not even the mind shattering pain matters anymore. Her delight at my rigid expression of agony is radiating as I struggle to breathe. Then I hear her voice again. Not just her voice but her voice. The lust is spreading like a wildfire inside my pain addled mind.

‘You wish me to rearrange the threads of destiny, again. Such foolish little thing. Don’t you understand that pain is all you get in return,’ she mocked and laughed.

‘I don’t care, this is what I want,’ I try to say but only a rasping grunt exits my lips.

This was no impediment as my mind was laid bare before her to toy with as she pleased. My determination was unwavering even though the arousal was becoming unendurable with each passing second.

‘Very well, I will grant you this request, at one condition,’ she says and kisses me on the on the forehead, ‘let it all out!’

I acquiesced and a newfound vigor returned to my body. Even though reason struggled against desire, the need for release was stronger than anything. I grabbed her waist and forcefully pushed her on the bed. A slight yelp of surprise and excitement escaped her lips as my hands tore the fabric of her dress and bore into the soft flesh beneath. As soft as it was, her skin burned with the caustic touch of acid. The pain mingled with pleasure even though I knew this was just a game to her. My lips touched hers, and worked their way around every square inch of her body which was not in fact her. The desire of the flesh grew in vehemence as I kissed her bare breasts, stomach and groin. My hands held her loins firmly with the possessive touch of a jealous child. I could resist the call no longer and gave in in earnest. I promptly found myself naked mad with lust, all reason forgone. The sensation was all that mattered. I’ve yearned for the intimate closeness, the touch, the sexual intimacy. When I finally part her lower lips, my mind is already firmly lost in the tsunami of pleasure and agony. The sweet release never comes to pass. As lost as I am in the moment, the twin pricks on my neck awaken my senses rudely. Before I even realize what’s happening, it is already too late. Beneath me, she is still wearing her face but it is no longer the angelic, beatific visage I long for. Her green eyes now radiate with cold bluish light and her face is dark and cold and seems illumined from within with the icy coldness of the northern lights. She smiles wickedly, her previously perfect rows of pearl teeth now adorned with couple of long snake-like fangs dripping with blood and venom. I try to scream as the agonizing pain spreads through my veins and my stiff body slumps on top of her.

‘Now, It’s my turn to take my end of the bargain, little bear,’ she says with a cold voice and effortlessly pushes me off of her, still smiling.

I land on my back in agony as the venom turns my blood to amber. My veins feel like they are being ground by sandpaper. I try to scream but no sound ever comes out. She laughs and straddles me, continuing the act right from where I stopped. My body turns cold and rigid and I feel my heart slowly giving out and convulsing while her hips vigorously grind against mine. Each heartbeat is more irregular and rugged than the last. As I lay dying on the bed in the Hermitage Winter Palace’s bedroom my last sight before everything fades to white is her smiling face on top of me, basking in her triumph with cruel satisfaction.

I open my eyes and let reality reassert itself. The painful throb in my chest and the feeling of complete emotional exhaustion are the only reminders of the sinful pledge.

Photo by takazart

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