In dark and stormy night,
Adrift in the bottomless, mighty sea,
At the sky I scream my plight,
For this terrible phantasm to leave me be


Oh woe, oh woe be unto to Him,
The mighty Life-giving Lord,
Whose bright, inspiring beam,
Shines, on my soul no more


In this churning sea of dark emotions,
He left his foolish, wayward creation,
And sent his phantasm of unyielding devotion,
To torment him in wicked jubilation


Once I was a favored son,
Basking carelessly in the soul-warming light,
But I did what I shouldn’t have done,
And was banished in the long, everlasting night


The sin of my horrible transgression,
Was my defiance, ignorance and pride,
When in my denunciation,
Hope itself I did deny,


Then I felt something snap inside my soul,
But at first I paid no heed,
To the darkness blooming inside the hole,
Of my heart’s quenchless need,
For warmth


As the light bled away,
From my colorful world,
The misery instilled with relentless sway,
And of my heart it took a hold


Adrift I sail without a sail,
And the phantasm’s sneers I hear,
I scream and punch to no avail,
The emptiness inside I can no longer bear


Its icy clutches in my gut,
Of the soul hunger still remind me,
Of what I had and what and now have not,
And of bliss I no longer see


The maddening soul hunger,
Entices me to delve inside,
The dark sea and let my soul be torn asunder,
Scorched, ashen, and left behind


The Phantasm points to the little lights,
Shards of souls, that sail like me, in desolation,
And as I pass them I see the blight,
That emerged from my insubordination


The thirst burned so painfully,
And I quenched it in the dark waters,
The phantasm watched and sneered carefully,
As was lost, all that matters


Love, warmth, immortal desire,
Gone forever, burnt to ash,
But punishment did require,
That my spirit be forever crushed


Adrift my soul floats without guidance,
Upon the restless tides of fury and despair,
Yearning for the peaceful silence,
Serenity, and her care


But the evil phantasm doesn’t blink,
While it tortures the errant son,
Letting him forever sink,
In the darkness, his sins have won


In this hellish, dark dominion,
The only thing that keeps me going forward,
Is the knowledge that a communion,
Will save me from this torture


Still I hear, still I hear,
The divine choir singing,
Singing of the sins and scars I wear,
And the void I am bringing


And in the last moments of the hour,
I plea for light, my eyes in tears,
For someone to deliver me from this place, dark and dour,
I plea for forgiveness, but no one hears

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